Get Long, Luxe Lashes

With eyelash extensions, the easiest way to have beautiful lashes year-round

Eyelash Enhancment


We offer two styles of lash enhancements at select Salon Thread locations. Learn about them here, plus view samples of our lash work.

Eyelash extensions are typically made from silk, mink, or synthetic materials, and they provide a no-muss-no-fuss way to have beautiful, long lashes any time, whether for your everyday look or for special occasions when you want to glam it up.



Lash Extension Options

Lashes being added to a client’s lash line by a technician using tweezers and adhesive

Lashes being added to a client’s lash line by a technician using tweezers and adhesive


Individual - starting at $100

Individual lash refill - starting at $45

Temporary lash set - $35

* pricing is determined by lash materials selected for filling


Individual Lash Extensions

If you have thinning lashes and want a fuller more luxe look without the daily fuss of false eyelash strips or heavy mascara, then this is probably the choice for you. 

Our trained lash technician uses tweezers and hypoallergenic cosmetic grade adhesive to attach individual extensions to each lash at the lash line. Once applied, the extensions will grow with your natural lashes. Lash refills can be done as your lashes grow out, typically re-filling is needed after 3 - 4 weeks when new growth causes the extensions to detach.

Temporary Lashes

These are traditional false eyelash strips that our technician applies to your lash line. Unlike the semi-permanent individual options, temporary lashes are only good for 1 - 2 days of wear,. but and are ideal for any occasions when you want a luxe look.


All lash services are by appointment only at all locations EXCEPT Barrington and Downtown Providence.  

Call (401) 228.3040 to schedule your appointment today.



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