Get the 411 on Lash Extensions


Our Lash Guru Shares Her Tips


Everyone these days seems to want long, lush eyelashes. Often that requires many coats of think heavy mascara that needs to be removed nightly to prevent eye infections and lash damage.

A more convenient solution is lash extensions, which are applied to the natural lash line to give you a fuller, more glamorous lash profile.

We asked, Shally, the Salon Thread lash and brow expert to share the basic 411 on what lash extensions are, how they are applied, how long they last, and whether you can treat them like real lashes. Here’s what she had to say.

Q. What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are natural or synthetic fibers cut and curled to resemble and blend in with your natural lashes. There are three extension lash choices:

  • Synthetic - this is your basic lash option

  • Silk - this is your premium lash option

  • Mink - this is your luxe lash option

The materials vary in durability and price, with silk and mink extensions being the best quality in terms of natural look and feel.

Q. How are they used?

Many women use lash extensions to enhance the length and thickness of their natural lashes. For women who have naturally thin lashes, or whose lashes are thinning due to age or follicular damage from over use of mascara, lash extensions help them achieve a fuller, longer long-term look.

Temporary lashes are a strip of synthetic lashes that are also applied with cosmetic grade semi-permanent glue. These are only recommended for short-term use, and should be removed in a day or two. They are ideal for special occasions when a client wants a temporary luxe look.


Q. How are they applied?

Individual last extensions are applied to the lash line with a tweezer and cosmetic grade semi-permanent glue. The extensions sit on top of your natural lash, and will grow out as your lashes grow. It can take up to an hour to apply a full set of individual last extensions.

The semi-permanent lash glue is usually non-irritating and should not damage your natural lash. However, clients who have sensitive skin (especially around their eyes) should consult with a dermatologist before scheduling an appointment with our lash expert.

Q. How long will they last?

Individual lash extensions typically last up to two weeks before they need filling. It all depends on how quickly your eyelashes grow or how often they shed. Clients usually come in to get fills where lashes have grown out and fallen off, versus having an entirely new set of lashes applied.

Q. Can I treat them like my real lashes?

Basically yes. You can wear your glasses and contact lenses, and you can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner. However, if you have individual lash extensions, you should not wear mascara or use lash curlers; they can cause your lash extensions to detach prematurely or pull them out altogether.

Now that Shally’s gone over the basics of lash extensions, consider making an appointment with her today. Lash extensions are done by appointment only at our Providence location in Elmhurst, and at our Worcester, MA Salon.

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