So, What's a Mehndi?

A Brief History on Henna Tattoos


What’s a Mehndi?

Mehndi are a traditional part of Indian and Muslim wedding ceremonies where the hands and feet of bridal party members are often covered with these beautiful tattoos.

These tattoos are created by applying a paste made from the root and leaves of a henna bush. The paste is piped on with a tool to form intricate patterns. The paste dries to form a semi-permanent, reddish brown tattoo that can last up to a month.

What’s a Mehndi Party?

The night before the wedding the entire bridal party is adorned with beautiful henna tattoos on their hands, arms, feet, and legs. Typically the bride (as the guest of honor) gets the most detailed and intricate tattoo.  She must sit very still while the designs are applied and as they dry, which can take 3 - 6 hours to set.  Her friends in the bridal party usually entertain her with singing and dancing to pass the time and celebrate the upcoming change in her life.

This tradition is now catching on in Western culture.

A Modern Take on an Ancient Tradition

The summer is when you’re most likely to see henna tattoos on women (and men) . It’s a fun way to be expressive, without the pain (or commitment) of a traditional ink tattoo. Henna tattoos are also a unique way to celebrate major life events, by allowing attendees to take away a fun reminder of that day. More and more people are throwing mehndi parties as a unique way to celebrate a bachelorette, Quinceñeara, Sweet Sixteen, or a simple birthday party. So if you have a special event coming up, consider adding a henna tattoos are a special way to commemorate a very special day!

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